Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret Swatches

Swatches NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret

Over the holidays, I was fortunate enough to snag the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret. This was a popular limited edition set of five satin and velvet matte lip pencils. If you weren't able to find this set during the holidays, check online and in-stores, but do it fast before they go away!

The set is a bit pricey with a $49 price tag, but the variety of colors, textures, size of the product and product staying power makes the price tag so worth it! I have to say that I really love the consistency and color payoff of both the satin and matte velvet pencils; they are great quality. That being said, I do love all of the colors, but for my specific skin tone, I would skip Descanso, the icy pink rose color, because it is a touch too cool for me.
Swatches of the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret_Torres Del Paine
Satin: Torres Del Paine | Soft Peachy Coral
Swatches of the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret_Descanso
Satin: Descanso | Icy Pink Rose
Swatches of the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret_Yu
Satin: Yu | Electric Pink (Full FOTD here)

Swatches of the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret_New Iberico
Matte: New Iberico | True Orange

Swatches of the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret_Cruella
Matte: Cruella | Scarlet
Which color is your favorite of the NARS Digital World Lip Pencil? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to come back tomorrow to check out my first food post on the blog!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Face Of The Day: Shimmery Eyes & Electric Pink Lippy

I decided to incorporate one of the many lip swatches I have featured in tomorrow's post into my look today! I hope you enjoy it!

5 New Beauty Products

I want to share a few new beauty products have recently come onto the scene and successfully made their way onto my personal wish list. It must be said that there were several new products that piqued my interest, so those are in my honorable mention category, but you can visit my Pinterest page to check out what else I'm interested in. Now without further ado...

  1. Starting with the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Solid Perfume Compact, which is obviously made for handbag travel. I was so excited to see this product come out because I adore the Nirvana Black rich, romantic and sultry scent with vanilla is straight up my alley. For those who are fans of Nirvana White, you won't be disappointed because the solid is available for that scent, too. 
  2. GLAMGLOW, the mud mask extraordinaire hailing from Hollywood, CA has released their first Cleanser!  SUPERCLEANSE™ Daily Clearing Cleanser is a mud-to-foam cleanser inspired by its big brother SUPERMUD™ which visibly tackles a myriad of skin issues from discoloration and breakouts to ingrown hairs and razor bumps (i.e. dude friendly, too!). If the SUPERCLEANSE™ Daily Clearing Cleanser is anything like the mud mask, this will definitely be a game-changer in your skincare regimen.
  3. The team at Philosophy have taken the task of reformulating their ever-so-popular cult moisturizer Hope In A Jar. Introducing Philospophy's Renewed Hope In A Jar, a whipped texture moisturizer that provides all-day hydration. The key alpha hydroxy acids that were present in the original formulation are still present, however, the addition of Asian Fruit Extract  to provide a longer lasting glow and hydration is where our renewed hope begins. I can't wait to get my hands on this moisturizer because I'm thinking it will provide a lot of benefits to skin texture, long term.
  4. We all know about my obsession with Formula X nail colors, so this one should come as no surprise. Formula X The Colors has introduced a fresh batch of colors to the line and I've got my eye on a few. To spotlight the one pictured above, Oceanic, it is a gorgeous and vibrant royal blue that literally looks alive! I'm gonna need this beauty in my life before summer hits, for sure.
  5. And, last but certainly not least is Hourglass' Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Exposure. When I first saw this palette I literally squealed with excitement not only because Hourglass has been killing it recently and I've been waiting for an eyeshadow palette from them, but because there are an unbelievable SIX variations of this palette! Exposure, pictured above, is the plums palette, Color Field features olives (and a beautiful forest green), Atmosphere is all about cool neutrals, Obscura features earth tones, Monochrome is rose (for color comparison, it's along the lines of the Naked 3 palette), Infinity is filled with warm neutrals and closing out the group is Graphite with bold metallic hues perfect for a night out smokey eye. It looks like they put a lot of effort into the design and creation of these palettes and I'm beyond excited to get my hands on one of these!
That rounds out my top 5 new beauty products on my wish list. Is there anything that you're chomping at the bit to find? Let me know in the comments.

Also, don't forget to come back tomorrow for my post featuring swatches of a popular lippies set that hit the scene late last year. Can you guess which one?

Monday, January 26, 2015

BeautyCon Is Coming To Dallas!

BeautyCon Dallas Texas
Image c/o BeautyCon
I'm extremely excited to announce to my readers that BeautyCon, a popular and much-buzzed about convention that brings beauty enthusiasts, brands and your favorite YouTube/Instagram/Blogging personalities together to enjoy anything and everything beauty is coming to Dallas, Texas!

I've heard a lot about BeautyCon previously, and to my best recollection, BeautyCon has been strictly a Los Angeles and NYC based event, until now that is. It seems like this year BeautyCon is doing things a bit differently allowing the fans to dictate where the event is held around the world. Possible locations vary, however, confirmed locations include Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, and London! Here's hoping a few more are added to the list so everyone can join in on the fun.

In my opinion, BeautyCon's arrival in Dallas really speaks volumes to the amount of popularity coming to the Dallas area for beauty and fashion. We're more than just big ol' blowouts and cowboy boots! Several influential bloggers and organizations are based here which brings more attention to the Lone Star State, specifically Big D!

If you're wanting to get in on the fun and snag a ticket to BeautyCon Dallas, you can do that here. Let me know if you're going to BeautyCon Dallas, I'd love to see you all there!

This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nails Of The Week: Formula X "Incandescent"

Formula X Incandescent Nail Polish
It's just dawning on me that my choice of nail color this week might have been heavily influenced by the current weather situation here in Texas. It's rainy, gloomy and bitterly cold here in the Lone Star State (and we've got earthquakes, too...go figure).

I'm, personally, not someone that prefers days without sunshine because, well, I need my Vitamin C, dammit! That being said, I seem to have brought the sunshine to my nails with this soft pastel take on orange mimicking the color of a cantaloupe from Formula X. The color, Incandescent, is a perfect spring time hue that invites a fresh, revitalizing and cheery feeling upon first sight. Boy, do I need a bright and refreshing sight right now!
Formula X Incandescent Swatch
As with all Formula X nail polishes that I've tried, I'm immensely happy with the quality of the polish, ease of application and color payoff compared to what was sold in the bottle. Formula X and this color, Incandescent, still has a fan in me!

Unfortunately, my snapshots appear to be more pure orange than pastel as they are in reality, so I'll have to take a crack at the true hue later on today on Instagram. If you're not currently following, head on over and say "Hi!"

While we're on the subject, what vibrant polishes are you itching to whip out at the first sight of spring?